Burr Oak

Burr Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

Oak trees are valued for their size, longevity and ability to grow into a statuesque tree.  Their size makes them excellent trees to use for providing shade and screening of undesirable views. Municipalities favor oaks for use in parks, public spaces and street trees.  The various species offer a wide range of foliage sizes, shapes and fall colors.  The acorns they produce provide a valuable food source for wildlife and also vary in size and shape.  Most of the oak species offered are very site adaptable and fast growing.

The Burr or Mossycup Oak is a very large growing, majestic oak. Boasts very interesting ridged, corky bark and produces large acorns with an interesting fringed cap. The acorns on the Burr  Oak will get to be about the size of golf balls.

Growth Rate: Slow. Form: Rounded and spreading or horizontal, Height: 50 – 75′ Spread: 50 – 80′. Exposure: Full sun.

Burr Oak entire tree fall color     Burr Oak leaf detail