Tree Catalogue

We love TREES. We love all kinds of trees but especially BIG trees.

Our Trees are grown on four farms located in the scenic Virginia Piedmont region. We have all shapes and sizes (not only BIG trees).

OUR trees are professionally grown, fertilized and pruned by our horticultural experts. We know which attributes to look for in selecting trees to be installed for your projects.

Clients can pick out their own trees (by appointment). All of our work is guaranteed!

Many spectacular trees are available. Each one has it’s own special attributes:

Maples – brilliant fall colors

Oaks – longevity, majestic stature and food for wildlife

Honeylocusts – lacey foliage, interesting branch structure

Zelkova – unique vase shaped growth. distinctive foliage

Check out our complete selection of shade, evergreen, ornamental and flowering trees. Also browse our website for maintenance tips.

Crabapple pic 2

Oaks leaf collection