Brandywine Red Maple

Brandywine Red Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Brandywine’

Red Maples are one of the most popular shade trees.  They offer reliably impressive fall color, are a native tree and are easy to grow.  Red Maples are a medium sized shade tree which makes them a good fit for smaller urban properties.  A lot of breeding work has been done with this species and cultivars have been selected for a number of attributes.  Some of the attributes include: outstanding fall color and timing of the display, all male selections (no seeds) and growth habit (narrow, fast or compact).

The Brandywine Red Maple is a selection of the native Red Maple, which is one of our most popular tree choices.  They offer brilliant fall color, grow well in our area and have a dense full crown valuable for providing shade and screening.  They flower at a time when few trees are blooming, usually in March.   Their small dark red flowers add interest and fragrance to the late winter landscape.

The Brandywine Red Maple has vivid, dark purple red fall color which often will be showy for two weeks.  It is also insect resistant and a male variety so should not produce seed.  A wonderful selection where a compact shade tree is desired.

Growth Rate:  Medium to fast.  Form: moderately columnar.  Height: 25′ at 12 yrs old Spread: 12′ at 12 years.  Exposure:  Partial shade to full sun.