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Flowering Trees Native Selection for Northern Virginian Gardens

The trees featured in this book can be found growing in natural woodland or meadow environments in the mid Atlantic and Piedmont region of North America.   They are all perfectly at home in our Northern Virginia climate.

Flowering Tree eBook CoverCreating a Sense of Place

Many of these trees are commonly seen in our woodlands and are popular landscape trees.  Their use helps create a “sense of place” in the garden.

These trees make beautiful additions to a garden offering interest throughout the seasons.  They often are small in stature and are easily used in a number of landscape settings.   Birds and other wildlife make use of their flowers, fruit and structure for food and shelter to further add to the landscape intrigue.


  1. Serviceberry
  2. White Redbud
  3. Appalachain Red Redbud
  4. Redbud
  5. Forest Pansy Redbud
  6. Fringetree
  7. Yellowwood
  8. Dogwood
  9. Pink Dogwood
  10. Winter King Hawthorn
  11. Carolina Silverbell
  12. Sweetbay Magnolia
  13. Sourwood

Thank you for reading  and we hope you enjoy.  –

Text and pictures by Philip  Klene, Erica  Klene and  Cecilia Palmer

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