Amethyst Witch Hazel

Amethyst Witch Hazel

Hamamelis ‘Amethyst’

The Witch Hazels are great for the winter garden landscape.  There are hundreds of different cultivars and depending on your cultivar they can start to bloom anytime between November to March. Plant them where they can be viewed from the inside so that you can enjoy them without the being in the cold outdoors. Their flowers show up nicely in the landscape when they have a backdrop like a fence or an evergreen tree. There are 5 different categories or species of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis); mollis, japonica, vernalis, virginiana and the hybrids.

The Amethyst Witch Hazel bares a unique purple flower in mid-winter. This beauty was introduced in 2003 by Brotzman’s Nursery, Inc. in Ohio and named by Don Shadow. The fragrance at times is elusive on the Amethyst Witch Hazel, many state that it has a spicy scent but we have not really noticed the scent like some of the other witch hazels.  Possibly when brought in and used as a cut flower one might notice more.

Growth Rate:  Average.  Form: Upright when young, rounded bush once mature.  Height: 8 – 10’.   Spread: 8 – 10′.  Zones: 5 – 8.  Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade.


Amethyst Witch hazel