Arnold Promise Witch Hazel

Arnold Promise Witch Hazel

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’

The Witch Hazels are great for the winter garden landscape.  There are hundreds of different cultivars and depending on your cultivar they can start to bloom anytime between November to March.  Plant them where they can be viewed from the inside so that you can enjoy them without the being in the cold outdoors. Their flowers show up nicely in the landscape when they have a backdrop like a fence or an evergreen tree. There are 5 different categories or species of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis); mollis, japonica, vernalis, virginiana and the hybrids.

The Arnold Promise Witch Hazel is a good hybrid that is a commonly grown cultivar. It was introduced by the Arnold Arboretum in 1962. They start to bloom in February and last till March depending on how fast in warms up.  They have a very fragrant bright yellow flower. Arnold Promise also has great fall foliage color that is a nice warm yellow.  Their overall form/shape is an upright vase so it allows for plantings around and under this small flowering tree.

Growth Rate:  Average.  Form: Upright, vase shape.  Height: 15 – 20’.   Spread: 15 – 20′.  Zones: 5 – 8.  Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade.

Arnolds Promise pic 1 Arnolds promise pic 2