Black Gum

Black Gum

Nyssa sylvatica (Black Gum)

The Black Gum is a great native tree.  Their fall color display is amazing, with hues of yellow, oranges and reds.  During the summer they have a dark green glossy leaf.

The Black Gums have a beautiful pyramidal shaped crown when they are younger and as they mature their form rounds out.   In their native habit they are found in more moist, acidic soils but can adapt well to other conditions and are very drought tolerant.  The female trees bear small blue fruits in the fall that attract birds.  A male tree is needed as a pollinator.  Both female and male trees are very popular for pollinators in the spring.

Growth Rate:  Slow.  Form: Rounded .  Height: 30 – 50′. Spread 20 – 30′.  Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade.

Black Gum   black gum