Sweet Birch

Sweet Birch

Betula lenta (Sweet Birch)

Sweet Birch is one of our a great native trees.  Long drooping catkins adorn it in the spring. In the fall their leaves transform into a bright golden color.  It also has beautiful red colored bark year round.

They prefer moist soils but can tolerate dry conditions as well.  It has an upright form when younger and as it matures it rounds out.  These tree forms are great for having plantings underneath them.

Fun fact:  It was grown to produce oil wintergreen to flavor candy and medicine.  When you crush the leaves or scratch the bark you can smell the wintergreen scent.

Growth Rate: Average.  form: Rounded.  Height: 40-55′.  Spread: 35 – 45′.  Exposure:  Full sun to partial shade.



Sweet birch     Sweet birch leaf detail   sweet birch pic 4   Sweet Birch pic 3